Things to Consider When Selecting an Ultra-secure Cloud Storage Solution


Many businesses, both old and new are always on the lookout for ways to grow as well as economize in their business. Making a choice on the type of data storage and security to utilize can be confusing. IT service providers on the Gold Coast can help you with cloud computing as this solution offers more agility, reduces operating costs, is very efficient while helping to improve production because it’s so user friendly.

Finding an ultra-secure Cloud storage solution that’s best suited to your business needs careful consideration. It’s worth talking with the guys at IT Solutions on the Gold Coast as well as considering these suggestions:

Security Capabilities

Security and cybercrime is a major problem and many business owners have legitimate concerns with cloud storage because, when you use cloud storage you’re actually giving all your valuable and confidential data to a third party and expecting them to keep it safe for you.

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It’s vital when you pick a cloud storage provider to be sure they have adequate security measures in place such as data encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls and they are constantly doing security audits

Price Considerations

The decision to use the cloud rather than try and have on site data storage facilities often comes down to the cost factor as it’s a far cheaper option. Your IT Service providers on the Gold Coast will very quickly give you advice about the best priced and most secure options available for your unique situation.

Many cloud storage providers offer free storage up to a certain amount. Some storage vendors charge a flat yearly fee while others require you to pay a monthly subscription. It’s a matter of seeing which option is best for you

Data Storage Location

Storing data on the cloud isn’t an abstract concept; all of the data is of course stored in a physical location and then transferred back and forth as required via the net. It’s quite important you know where your data will be stored because often the storage facilities are in another country. It’s quite possible that there are different laws regarding storage, security and access in other countries. This could affect who has access to your data.

Weather conditions and natural disasters tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic activity, typhoons and cyclones can affect some areas where storage facilities are located so you need to be sure they have effective measures to safeguard your data.

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SLA or Service Level Agreement

An SLA agreement outlines what the vendor will do for you and your obligations and responsibilities are. This is a key factor in deciding which Ultra-secure Cloud Storage Solution is most suited to you and your business. It outlines:

  • The type of data you can store
  • How the data is protected
  • How any problems will be resolved
  • How the vender operates
  • The type of tech support you can expect

When selecting an Ultra-secure Cloud Storage Solution for your business it pays to contact the experts for advice, your IT Service providers on The Gold Coast can help you find the right solution that matches your needs and budget. One of the most important considerations is data security and protection from cybercrime for all your information as well as your data retrieval options.

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