What Makes XR Use So Vital For Defence


While combining the big three ( Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality), XR or Extended Reality refers to human-machine interactions and all real and virtual combined environments, which is ultimately generated by wearables and computer technology.

Potential Of The Technology

While the potential of the technology is very extensive, the users must extensively understand the mechanics, and also know about what extended reality companies can provide the users through the platform.

Multiple Uses Of The Extended Reality

There are multiple usages of extended reality in education and healthcare fields, but in this article, it is necessary to understand what makes the XR use so vital in the military area and how the defense industry is going to make use of the platform in a big way.

So What Is Extended Reality

As of now, it is seen that virtual reality is now referred to as a real technology. VR along with augmented reality is collectively known as extended reality, while no longer being an overhyped or rare object in the gaming world.

For the military community, technology is going to be very vital in the coming years.

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What Extended Reality Can Provide For The Defense

The extended reality companies can provide XR devices, with the cutting edge technology. The technology is going to transform the military platform in a very different way. The defense personals can help the soldiers to teach to operate in combat and at the same time can give better training.

To boost the effectiveness and readiness of the infantry, the organizations are developing better XR devices. The marine and army corps are investing in a new battlefield head-up display known as an integrated visual augmentation system. To train fighter pilots, the air force and navy have been using XR technologies.

Not only that, the XR technology will develop logistics support, situational awareness, combat readiness and even will help in medical procedures and training.

Current Requirement In Forensic

There is a necessity of significant preparatory work and the making of the judiciary process is very time-consuming. Hence, in the case of defense, there is extensive use of extended reality for both forensic and law.

Often it is seen that processing a crime scene is a tedious and long thing. To determine what has happened, the collection of clues and physical evidence is necessary. Often the logical explanations which investigators can recreate can be very confusing. But the use of XR devices can help one to revisit the place and easily recreate the scene.

The communication and collaboration between the prosecutors and investigators can get great value.

Revisiting The Crime Scene

It is necessary that the investigators need to revisit the crime scene for many times. The extended reality gadgets can help investigators to revisit the crime scene several times and check the clues minutely.


Giving several persons, the virtual space will help in the better collaboration process. The successful completion of the investigation is done cost-effectively.


In case of control, better observation and reporting to users, the device is very useful. Hence, the verification process of the required process is facilitated due to the immense nature of the technology.

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What Else Can XR technology Do For Army Officials

When it comes to extended reality in defense industry , gadget producers are superimposing virtual data over the real world. To navigate more easily across difficult terrain ( like mountains or jungle) in the world, the military personnel can use the XR technologies.

They can rehearse for anticipated battle scenarios and can get the training at the same time. The army personals can also know about the location of the reported threats or friendly troops. The technology will help them to prepare in a better way and overlay virtual obstacles and enemies.

The technology will help troops officials, to practice and train about the maintenance, medical or other specialized procedures.

These mechanisms can help the preparation of the military personnel in a better way, as the training applications of XR are very compelling.

For example, when it came to scenarios involving radiological threats, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency solicited information on how XR can help troops to get better prepared.

How Accessible Will Be This Technology

XR technology will be set to be accessible in an extraordinary way, as 5G networks roll out with the capacity, speed and data response along with the processing capacity of cloud storage. With this technology, the army men can refresh the training more frequently, as they can provide the training at any place.

To make the military soldiers stick to the learned skills for improved readiness, the training can be refreshed at any time with this technology.

In the case of military training, XR technology can be done at less cost and far faster. For example, the air force has reduced the pilot training time from 12 months to four months.

The extended reality technology will help to improve the reactions, judgments, and feelings of the soldiers who are on the process of going into the battle.


While using the extended reality in a broader range and with secondary impacts, defense organizations will use the technology so that the soldiers can get better trained for all types of situations. While lessening the technical risks, it will help in the safety of the military personals.

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