Best iPhone Car Mounts In 2020


In most places, driving while using your phone is illegal. So, if you want to use your iPhone while driving, it is vital to own a quality car mount, whether it is to answer calls, get directions, or even play music. Here are some of the best car mounts you can get for your iPhone.

Kenu Airframe Plus

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Affordable and easy to install, the Kenu Airframe+ is one of the best iPhone car mounts you can attach to your car’s vent. It doesn’t block the airflow, plus it’s also expandable, so it can hold even the bigger-sized devices without worrying about having to fall the device while driving.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4

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The One Touch 4 cradles your iPhone securely, making it one of the best car mounts for many people. It has a strong suction cup and an adhesive dashboard pad that will keep the surface to mount on pretty smooth.Shop online at best prices in

TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Mount

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This is another car mount for the iPhone that most people are familiar with.  This air vent mount from TechMatte fits on most vents easily and comes with a magnetic place, which is placed on your phone case. Moreover, the magnet is strong enough to hold your device in place, even down the bumpiest roads.

RAM Mount Universal X-Grip

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Made from aluminum composite and stainless steel, this well-built iPhone car mount comes with a sturdy, adjustable arm that allows you to orient your device any way you like. Plus, this mount can handle it just fine, especially if you’re into using a heavy-duty case on your iPhone.

Logitech Drive One-touch Mount

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This car mount from Logitech fits in your car’s air vent, and all it takes is a little twist to attach or remove. It also has a strong magnet that works with any iPhone model that comes with a metal case or a metal inserted into it.Shop online at best prices in

Spigen Kuel TS36

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The Spigen Kuel iPhone car mount is similar to iOttie’s One Touch mount, but it’s less expensive and much sturdier than the latter. It has a telescopic arm that adjusts to where you need it, and its head rotates, allowing you to view your iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode.

Totallee Wireless Car Charger

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Since some iPhone models support wireless charging, the Totallee Wireless Car Charger is an excellent way to mount your device and charge it up during your commute. Just attach the mount to your car vent, lay your phone on it, and let it charge the battery. The arms also move into place to secure the phone, while the ball-and-socket joint allows you to angle your device in any direction.

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